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Scents for Cents $10 plus S+H a month
Soy for Days $20 plus S+H  a month
Lather Party $15 plus S+H  a month
Burning the Mid-Month Oil $20 plus S+H  a month

Engage Your Senses! Brighten your life with the smell of something great, from incense to lotion, candles to soap! Use a lot? Use a little? Want variety? We've got you covered.

Whether you are an old friend or new to Moondancer, we thank you for joining us in our newest chapter of our business. We are now offering a large variety of subscription boxes to fit every need and want of our customers. From our workshop to your front door, there is no need to ever be without our great smelling products, we even do the hard part of picking out your smells!

We pride ourselves on being the go to producer of fragrance products, with the largest variety of scents available. Over 500 scents to choose from, and new ones being created all the time, we will always keep your senses engaged ( We are told by the math man that it would be several years before you got a duplicate, even if you did our Scents for Cents box which has the most variety to it).

With our humble beginnings in hand dipped incense and oils;  Moondancer has expanded to offering all smells in incense, soap, lotion, oil and candles. We are currently offering subcription boxes of all kinds. Check out our pages for more info. If you have any questions, please drop us a line. To order something beyond our subscription boxes check out our website